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Galaxy Labs aims to raise the bar with a fully transparent no BS approach. Galaxy Labs combines high quality ingredients, with clinical dosing to formulate products guaranteed to help you reach your goals. Every product is developed and tested in house, and all of our products are US manufactured in state of the art, FDA inspected facilities. These facilities are certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and approved by certifying bodies with approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Galaxy Labs started in April 2020 with the launch of our creatine monohydrate. The creatine was an instant hit and laid the foundation for Galaxy to start developing our other product lines. Galaxy Labs has added 8 new products since then with plans to consistently add several more every year.  No matter what your goals are, Galaxy Labs will soon have a product for you. Supplement



Lucas S

Middleton, WI

Great Product!

I have been taking unhuman for 2 weeks now and I have noticed increased strength, awesome pumps and my muscles feel fuller throughout the day! I will definitely be buying unhuman again!

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